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If you’re in need of a new garage or basement floor, Van Mason Coatings is your solution. We help you revitalize your old garage floor with a sleek, custom-look and a durable, non-slip surface that will last for decades. Our coatings help in preserving the lives of your floors.  

Our staff is committed to quality and customer satisfaction with expertise in various repair services for residential garages in Calgary. If you have heard of epoxy floor coatings and wonder whether it is the right choice for your garage or basement, contact us for more information. We offer services in Calgary and all across Southern Alberta.


Van Mason Coatings starts by shot blasting your concrete and grinding the edges. We then vacuum the floor and patch any holes, imperfections and salt damage. Next, we caulk the perimeter to ensure a watertight seal between the floor and upturn. Once this is all complete, we apply an epoxy primer which creates a strong bond to the concrete. Finally, we apply the type of floor that you have chosen. 

The most commonly chosen floor for garages is a flake floor, where flakes of a chosen colour are distributed into wet epoxy and sealed in with an epoxy topcoat. 

If you’re looking for something simpler, instead of the flake floor, we can apply two coats of a single colour epoxy with a non-slip additive in the topcoat.

Our garage floor systems can also be completed using Polyaspartic coating or a combination of epoxy and polyaspartic.


The prep for basement floors is the same as for garage floors except for the perimeter's caulking. The most common floor installed in basements is metallic epoxy. This is a combination of clear epoxy and a metallic additive that gives it a metallic/mottled look; it is unique as each floor has its own look. Again, if you are looking for an economical easy to clean basement floor, we can apply two coats of a single colour, epoxy or polyaspartic.


Contact us to get a free estimate of our services. 

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Waterproof coatings help keep the walls and floors of your house in good condition for a long time.

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