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Looking for someone to install waterproof vehicle deck coating in Calgary? Van Mason Coatings can help. We have decades of experience in installing and repairing polyurethane coatings for high-traffic areas. We advise you to book coating services even if your plaza deck or parking garage shows minor signs of deterioration or leakage. Minor defects may appear inconspicuous; they can lead to conditions that compromise structural integrity. Our high traffic deck coating in Calgary can make your concrete floor strong enough to endure even the roughest usages.

Polyurethane vehicle and pedestrian traffic deck coating are installed in parkades, truck loading dock areas, and garbage rooms. It provides a wearing surface for your concrete floors and also provides waterproofing. If water is allowed to penetrate the concrete, it will carry road salt, which corrodes the steel reinforcing rebar and post-tensioning cables embedded in the concrete. When metal rusts, it expands and pops the concrete causing delamination, which is costly to repair and may cause structural failure if left unchecked.

Pedestrian traffic coating is installed in mechanical rooms, janitorial rooms or other wet areas that need to be waterproofed to prevent water and chemicals from reaching other rooms within the building.


This may happen through cracks in your concrete or under the perimeter walls. Water within walls or ceiling spaces can lead to the growth of moulds, odours and expensive, disruptive repairs.


Contact us for a quote on high-durability polyurethane coatings.

Traffic Deck Coating
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Our coatings make your concrete floors look beautiful and enhance strength and durability.

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