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Van Mason Coatings keep evolving to offer a wide array of floor coating solutions in Southern Alberta. Our urethane epoxy coatings in Calgary help in providing you with seamless floors and decorative finishes. We specialize in polyaspartic, apart from epoxy and urethane coatings. These coatings give your floors a smooth finish and also help in extending the life of your concrete floors. Whether you’re looking for durable warehouse floor coatings or unique floor designs for your showroom, we can help you. Read further to learn more about epoxy coating and urethane coating.


Van Mason Coatings installs epoxy floors in Calgary. Epoxy coating systems are a cost-effective way to improve the safety, durability and appearance of your concrete floors and walls. Epoxy flooring can be installed in various thicknesses, ranging from a thin coating measured in mil thickness up to ¼” thick or more, depending on your requirements. 

Epoxy flooring may be installed in a clear finish or a solid colour or with quartz aggregate, coloured flakes or metallic pigments added to epoxy to create a custom look. Walls can be coated with epoxy to provide hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces in public showers and washrooms, health facilities and operating rooms, and food and beverage production facilities.


For over 30 years, Van Mason Coatings has been installing wall and floor urethane coatings in Calgary for commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Thin-film urethane is generally applied over an epoxy floor where UV protection, chemical resistance, and added scratch resistance are desired. Urethane is a perfect choice of coating for aircraft hangars and automotive shops as it is resistant to the Skydrol hydraulic fluid and other possible substance spills or leaks. This flooring is very light reflective and adds brightness to assist technicians when working under aircraft, vehicles, and machinery.


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It is essential to waterproof the concrete floors in parkades, garbage rooms, and truck loading areas.

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