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Carbon Fiber Reinforcing is typically used in settings where concrete structures require an improved load-bearing capacity. Our carbon fiber reinforced polymers services in Calgary are versatile and strength enhancing, which offer performance that is superior to steel in terms of strength to mass ratio. 

Light and relatively easily applied (as opposed to other remedies), the ease and non-intrusiveness of the installation is a great answer in terms of strengthening concrete structures.

Van Mason Coatings has been certified to install carbon fibre designs that are supplied by structural engineers and are completed in an efficient manner, concentrating on quality, speed of installation and technical expertise.


Carbon Fiber Reinforcing can impart a lot of benefits to your flooring apart from just strengthening, including:

  • Immense tensile capacity – stronger than steel

  • Minimal mess, waste, or disruption to the operation

  • Allows for existing buildings to be renewed for a larger load-bearing capacity without replacement

  • Can be load-bearing within 24 hours with the right conditions

  • Lightweight

  • Structural engineers offer a design and certification

  • Can be applied on the external surfaces of a structure without the risk of rusting


Van Mason Coatings installs the entire range of carbon fibre reinforcing, specializing in concrete structures. The applications include:

  • Bridges

  • Slabs

  • Tunnels

  • Suspended and Post Tensioned Structures

  • Columns

  • Floor and Soffit Penetrations

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We use the epoxy injection technique that repairs even minor cracks by glueing the concrete together.

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